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“Solve problems with your customers… put yourselves in your customers shoes.” says Praveen Singh, Founder Ourchestra.

Ourchestra is a boutique consultancy based in London.

We are experts in creating & evolving business strategies, with a focus on growing companies through collaborating with our clients’ customers.

Our team empathize, define, ideate, prototype, iterate & blueprint. We give our clients a competitive advantage, by engaging on a human level with customers and developing products & services that meet their needs.

Ourchestra was chosen as one of WeWork's most promising early stage start-ups and invited to join WeWork Labs. This gives us access to alumni members such as Slack, InVision, Salesforce & Thunderclap.

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- Founder, Praveen Singh

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Contact us to get an initial consultation with our founder Praveen Singh. 

Praveen has 13+ years experience in applying a human centered design approach in technology and 5+ years applying it in other areas such as government, biotech & hospitality.  

A diverse portfolio of business skills has enabled Praveen to create change and growth across multiple sectors.

Praveen is an entrepreneur, who has started and run multiple businesses in San Francisco prior to forming Ourchestra in London.