Inbeeo helps life science companies create superior customer value for their clients.  With our help, they designed a co-creation framework for biotech companies.  We worked on the inspiration stage of this design thinking project, seeking inspiration from designs of outstanding co-creation frameworks. 

As a result, this biotech company will be developing a co-creation framework that will integrate customer input meaningfully.



Feminist Foreign Policy is a non-profit collective of imaginings from across the globe which use feminism as a means to interrupt mainstream foreign policy ideas. One of its biggest challenges was determining a way of scaling the organization globally.

We took the time to understand what they were trying to do and why. Through this project we were able to design a simple and scalable model so they were able to quickly grow from 1 person to a team of 13 globally within their first six months.



Issuing benefits such as food stamps and medical benefits to families in need was taking a long time at this social services agency. We helped the US government redesign the benefit issuance experience.  

The lead time went down from 2 months to 7 days.  Using design thinking, we were able to make a huge difference in the lives of these families.


Food & Drinks

We collaborated with Le Sud Patisserie to elevate customers’ experience.

When good customer service was not enough, Le Sud Patisserie brought us in to take customers’ experience from good to great. We used design thinking to come up with new ways to delight their customers and increase loyalty.



Girl gone international is a non-profit organisation that empowers girls who are living abroad.  It currently has hubs in cities around the world.  One of the biggest challenges was having an easy way of launching in new cities without having to re-invent the wheel every time.  

We took the time to understand what they were trying to do and why.  Through design thinking we were able to design a simple and scalable city setup process so they were able to quickly scale from 60 cities to 100.


Fashion & Beauty

Go Beauty wanted to shape up its operations, refine the business model, remove waste and streamline practices and processes. The main focus was to scale the business in London. Using design thinking, we found creative ways to do all of the above.

We saw an exponential growth of 200% in sales to distributors.